Characterization comprises the powder (particle size, powder porosity, powder morphology, alloy composition, fluidity etc.), the microstructure of the AM part (pores, cracks, excretions, element distribution, grain structure and texture) created in the process and its properties (yield strength, tensile strength, elongation at break, HCF fatigue, creep properties, electrical and thermal conductivity). There are also non-destructive characterization methods for the component or the component’s surface available (laser scanners, computer tomography, confocal microscopy). These methods are supported by ex-situ and in-situ SAXS measurements at DESY Hamburg to generate basic knowledge of the kinetics of phase transformations under AM process conditions.

Cellular mechanical metamaterials

X-ray and neutron methods for the material analysis of AM alloys

SEBM of special alloys


(Foto David Hartfiel)