Development of process strategies

The electron beam offers the potential for innovative selective beam melting process strategies due its inertia-free deflection at extremely high speed.

A deep understanding of the process is developed with the help of different methods of in-situ process monitoring (thermal imaging and high speed camera). In particular, the potential to tailor the microstructure, grain structure and texture of the material with the help of the extremely high beam velocity is explored. In addition, we investigate the mechanisms of evaporation induced material displacement and the possibility to use this effect to realize hollow structures within components.

CRC DFG 814 “Additive Manufacturing”  (


A further focus is on processing of single crystalline nickel-base alloys. We are designing building strategies to avoid cold and hot crack formation. The main challenge is to control directional and rapid solidification in order to realize single crystals directly developing from powder particles without any seed material. We are now able to realize large single crystals out of nickel-base alloys with unique homogeneity by selective electron beam melting. 

CRC DFG TR 103 “From Atom to Turbine Blade” (

Active researcher(s):

M.Sc. Julian Pistor (single crystal solidification)