Alloy Development

We focuse on the development of new alloys for the requirements of industry as well as on clarifying scientific questions. Numerical tools based on CALPHAD (Calculation of Phase Diagrams) calculations as well as further property modeling approaches are used to predict thermomechanical properties of the materials and to optimize them in terms of the desired characteristics. For this purpose the software tool MultOpt was developed. In general, the potential of promising alloys are a compromise between various relevant properties, which are represented in the form of Pareto fronts. The user can decide which alloy is fitting best by weighting up the importance of the conflicting properties. The numerically determined alloy is then cast by an institute own Bridgman furnace. The numerical tool HeatOpt, a coupling of CALPHAD with the phase field method, is used to determine suitable heat treatment parameters, which are applied after alloy manufacturing. Furthermore, the alloys are characterized in terms of their microstructures and mechanical properties. The values determined experimentally are compared with the previously calculated values and an adaptation of the respective numerical modeling is carried out for data with a large discrepancy.

Active researcher(s):

M.Sc. Benjamin Wahlmann