Metal Powder Injection Molding

Metal Injection Molding (MIM) is a near-net-shape process for manufacturing of high precision components that combines the advantages of sintered materials and the potential of shaping of plastic injection molding technology. Metal powders are mixed with a binder component, heated and injected into a mold similar to injection molding of plastic parts. Then the binder is released with the aid of solvents and/or thermal processes and the powder is compacted by a subsequent sintering step. The elimination of costly post-processing steps and material savings make this production method a more cost-effective alternative to conventional manufacturing processes. Powder metallurgic components are employed in almost all areas of technology.

The current research at ZMP focuses on the metal injection molding of Nickel-based superalloys and Iron-based ODS alloys. Due to their excellent mechanical properties at high temperatures and their high corrosion and oxidation resistance they are suitable for use in stationary gas turbines and aircraft engines.

Active researcher(s):

Andreas J. Meyer, M. Sc.