SEBM 3D Simulation

Most process phenomena during selective electron beam melting are covered by a 2D simulation. A more realistic modelling of the melt pool dynamics and the grain structure evolution is reached by 3D simulations. Therefore, two different simulation tools for these purposes are developed at WTM.

The 3D hydrodynamics software SAMPLE3D requires a massively parallel implementation, which has been developed in cooperation with the chair of system simulation. The melt pool dynamics and the material consolidation are investigated in full spatial dimension. Using this software, process windows for dense parts as well as innovative process strategy modifications are predicted.

The grain structure evolution is modeled by the separate software SAMPLE3DGS, which enables the grains to grow in all possible directions during processing. Here, a macroscopic approach is used, where the powder particles are approximated by a continuum. Additionally, only the thermodynamics are modelled. With these simplifications, domains on the scale of whole parts are possible to simulate.

Active researcher(s):

Dr.-Ing. Matthias Markl (hydrodynamic)
Dipl.-Ing. Johannes Köpf (grain structure evolution)