Primary shaping

  • Cold-chamber die casting machine Frech DAK 450-54
    with impeller and dosing robot; 4500 kN mold clamping force
  • Investment casting unit Systec FCBC
    Casting weight max. 10 kg Ni-base alloy
  • Investment casting unit VIC Unit 7
    Casting weight max. 0,6 kg Ni-base alloy
  • Vacuum arc furnace Bühler Arc Melter AM/05
    Melting in laboratory scale (max. 150 g)
  • Induction furnace EFD HFP12
    Melting in laboratory scale
  • Horizontal attritor Fa. Zoz
    Mechanical alloying with grinding volume 8 l
  • Exzenter swing mill Fa. Siebtechnik
    Mechanical alloying with grinding volume 19 l

Additive Manufacturing

  • Electron beam melting plant Arcam A2
    Additive manufacturing out of the powder bed (Location ZMP)
  • Electron beam melting plant Arcam Q10
    Dito, but smaller beam diameter (Location ZMP)
  • Electron beam melting plant ATHENE
    Dito, but much better performance data
  • Laser deposition unit InssTek
    Additive Manufacturing in the powder stream

Heat treatment

  • High vacuum furnace MUT
    up to 1200 °C under protective gas and high vacuum
  • High vacuum furnace Gero LHTM 250/300
    up to 1500 °C under protective gas and high vacuum (Location ZMP)
  • several batch-type furnaces
    up to 1500 °C

Coating technology

  • Microwave-plasma CVD diamond coating plant ASTeX AX 6350
    Total power 5 kW, coating area 20 cm2
  • Hot filament CVD diamond coating plant CemeCon CC800DIA/9
    Total power 120 kW, coating area ca. 5000 cm2 (Location ZMP)
  • Hot filament CVD diamond coating plant CemeCon WTMCC800DIA-8 Katharina
    Total power 60 kW, coating area ca. 2000 cm2, Boron doping possible
  • Hot filament CVD diamond coating plant CemeCon WTMCC800DIA-8  Eleonore
    Total power 60 kW, coating area ca. 2000 cm2
  • Hot filament CVD diamond coating plant WTM XXL Lucie
    Total power 100 kW, coating area ca. 10000 cm2
  • Hot filament CVD diamond coating plant WTM CVI
    Total power 20 kW, coating area ca. 7002
  • Structuring laser Rofin RSM-100D
    Structuring surface ca. 200 cm2
  • Structuring laser Rofin 20E LP
    Structuring surface ca. 1000 cm2

Mechanical Testing

  • Universal testing machine Hegewald & Peschke retrofit 100
    Tensile tests up to 100 kN at RT…1100 °C, pressure tests up to 50 kN at RT
  • Universal testing machine Instron Wolpert
    Tensile tests up to 2 kN at RT, pressure tests up to 1 kN at RT
  • Resonance pulser Roell Amsler Vibro Win
    Fatigue tests up to 50kN at RT…800 °C
  • several creep testing machines ATS 2330-CC
    Creep tests up to 50 kN and 1100 °C
  • Impact testing machine Wolpert W-Testor PW30/15K
    Measurement of notch impact energy up to 30 kp
  • Tribology test facility Wazau TRM 1000
    Disc-disc- und bolt-disc-setups at RT…150 °C
  • several hardness tester Wolpert Dia-Testor
    Vickers und Brinell hardness 1…250 kp
  • Micro hardness tester Leco M-400-G
    Vickers hardness 0,01…1 kp
  • Resonance frequency analysis system IMCE RFDA Professional
    Measurement of Young’s modulus and damping at RT

Physical, chemical and optical analysis

  • DSC/TGA Netzsch STA409
    Differencial thermal analysis und thermogravimetry RT…1550 °C
  • Dilatometer Netzsch DIL 402 C
    Measurement of the thermal expansion RT…2000 °C (Location ZMP)
  • Laserflash device Linseis – LFA 1000
    Measurement of thermal diffusity and conductivity RT…1200 °C (Location ZMP)
  • Raman spectrometer Renishaw Ramascope 2000
    Determination of crystallinity
  • X-ray ct scanner Scanco Medical µCT-40
    Resolution max. 10 µm
  • X-ray ct scanner Fraunhofer ERZT
    Resolution max. 10 µm (Location ZMP)
  • Spark emission spectrometer Ametek Spectromaxx
    Chem. analysis of Fe-, Al-, Mg-, Ni- und Ti-alloys (Location ZMP)
  • Microprobe Jeol JXA 8100
    Wave length dispersive chemical analysis with high local resolution
  • Ion mill Leica EM TIC 3X
    Sample preparation for the microprobe
  • Scanning electron microscope FEI Quanta 450
    with EDX (energy dispersive chemical analysis)
  • Scanning electron microscope FEI Helios NanoLab 600i FIB
    High resolution SEM with EDX, FIB and EBSD (Location ZMP)
  • Confocal laser microscope Olympus  Lext OLS 4000
    Contact-free surface characterisation (Location ZMP)
  • several light microscopes Leica DM6000M, Leica M205C, Zeiss Axiophot and Zeiss Axio Imager
    Metallocraphic microscopy (bright- and dark-field, polarisation, Nomarski contrast) with quantitative microstructure analysis (Location WTM and ZMP)

Sample preparation

  • fully equipped metallography
  • fully equipped metallography

Numerical simulation

  • Additive manufacturing (Software: in-house-developments)
  • Foam formation (Software: in-house-developments)
  • Thermodynamics and cinetics (Software: Thermo-Calc, DICTRA and in-house-developments)
  • Mold filling (Software: Flow-3D cast)