Piston rings

In tribometer experiments CVD-diamond coated silicon carbide piston rings allow dry runs up to 100 km. The diamond wear in these experiments is below 3 µm. Using adjusted process parameters, a textured diamond layer in the direction can be created on the piston ring surface. Therefore, the surface is the most wear resistant when exposed to friction. The diamond coating of piston rings, which has been under investigation since 1995, is now used in industry.

DiaCCon, a company founded by the chair of WTM, is the leading research entity for this application worldwide. A new research topic is the expansion of the diamond piston ring applications to metallic ring materials such as steel or hard metals.

Tribometer test of SiC in dry run conditions
Tribometer test of diamond coated SiC in dry run conditions


PD Dr.-Ing. habil. Stefan M. Rosiwal