CVD diamond coatings of metals and ceramics

It is possible to diamond coat all metals in Groups IV to VI of the periodic system with melting temperatures > 700 °C (except Technetium) via microwave plasma CVD and hot-filament CVD. Stable carbide formers such as Titanium or Tungsten are easily coatable with diamond. Metals like Iron, Nickel and Cobalt with metastable carbides lead to graphite segregations and therefore the diamond layers do not adhere properly.
CVD diamond grows well on precious metals (Gold, Silver, Copper), but due to the missing carbides no chemical bonding is possible.
After 15 years of intense research and development of special high temperature CVD intermediate layers, it is now possible to produce strong adhering diamond coating on steel and Cobalt-Tungsten-Carbides.

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CVD diamond on hard metals

CVD diamond on ceramics

Titanium- and Tantalum-based CVD coatings


(Foto David Hartfiel)