Titanium- and Tantalum-based CVD coatings

Since Iron and Cobalt catalyse graphite formation during the CVD diamond deposition, high temperature intermediate layers are developed, which inhibit graphite forming on steel or hard metal surfaces. A special surface microstructure of the intermediate layer alloys a good mechanical adhesion with the subsequently growing diamond layer.

In the temperature range from 500 °C to 1100 °C, CVD deposition of metallic Titanium or Tantalum layers and their carbides, nitrides or borides are possible.

Coating examples:

  • TiNB-intermediate layer on X46Cr13 for optimal diamond adhesion.
  • TiB2 on graphene fibres for stabilization after Zirconium-melt infiltration.
  • Ta on graphene to increase the chemical stability.
Graphite fiber mat before TiB2 coating
Graphite fiber mat after TiB2 coating

Active researcher(s):

M.Sc. Thomas Helmreich