CVD diamond on Steel

Different steels can be CVD-diamond-coated via high temperature chrome-carbide diffusion interlayers or CVD titanium-boron-nitrides. An adjusted diamond coating temperature and heat treatment is necessary to maintain the functionality (strength) of the diamond coated steel components. The research focus lies on the expansion of the spectrum of diamond coatable steels, the optimisation of necessary steel strength and strongly adherent diamond layers with a thickness higher than 10 µm.

An important application of diamond coated steel is the processing of aluminium, since aluminium does not react with the diamond surface at temperatures higher than 500 °C.


  • Gas pressure spring of 41Cr4.
  • Screw taps made of tool steel HS 2-9-2.
  • Tools for aluminium high pressure die casting made of hot-working steels X37CrMoV5-1 (12343) and X46Cr13 (1.4034).
  • Ultrasound welding sonotrodes for aluminium and copper cables e.g. out of powder metallurgical steel SPM10.
Diamond growth on TiNB interlayer (click to enlarge)
FIB cut through substrate, interlayer and coating (click to enlarge)

Active researcher(s):

M.Sc. Thomas Helmreich