Development and Up-Scaling of the hot filament process for diamond CVD

Research of hot-filament CVD technology constantly continues to provide new scientific developments that are transferred into economically functioning products. This business model enabled the establishment of the worldwide largest experimental CVD facility.

Development details:

  • Upscaling of the hot-filament diamond surface area up to 10.000cm2.
  • Flexible chamber set up to coat small (weight < 1 g) as well as large components (weight > 40 kg) via CVD.
  • Reduction of energy input (electric power/carat) for hot-filament CVD.
  • Homogenisation of diamond growth rate and boron doping for a 2D and 3D substrates.
  • Reproducible substrate temperature ranging from 650 °C to 950 °C.
  • Integration of heat treatment during the hot-filament process.
  • Development of in-situ measurements, e.g. online measurement of diamond growth rate.


PD Dr.-Ing. habil. Stefan M. Rosiwal