Electrochemical reactors with diamond electrodes for aqueous electrolytes

Boron doped diamond (BDD) electrodes have a very broad application potential. This is due to the high over potential at the cathode (hydrogen formation at -1,2 V) and anodic (oxygen formation at 2.5 V) water electrolysis. This makes BDD electrodes suitable for applications, like: Efficient disinfection by killing bacteria, water treatment via direct chemical oxidation of all carbon types and cathodic reduction of CO2 in hydrocarbons.

We offer different electrochemical reactors with diamond electrodes for research partners and industries.

Electrochemical reactors with diamond electrodes:

  • Batch systems with CVD-diamond for expanded metals or plate-like electrodes for water treatment up to 1m3 water volume.
  • Experimental flow reactors.
  • Mini water disinfection systems on USB-basis.

Active researcher(s):

Dr.-Ing. Hanadi Ghanem
M.Sc. Maximilian Göltz